Week Update: Easter, anxiety and how I can't stop talking about the weather

Happy Easter everyone!

Here is my view of life right now (as I lie on the couch looking up at the window). It really is quite lovely outside, but not truly lovely enough to be outside. (It's pretty windy and fairly chilly). Despite the sunshine, Levent and I had to cancel our Easter picnic (I figured was going to be a long shot for April 5th anyway) and stuck to eating chicken salad sandwiches and (glorious!) chips on the ground in my living room. Oh well. You can't win them all.

I am just so very ready for full force nice warm weather. (Notice how I didn't say hot here. I am not crazy. Summer can take it sweet time). I guess I am just trying to rush it a little bit.

Oh, but it's so tricky! After all, look how lovely this tree looks. It makes me want to go lie in the grass for the rest of my life… or at least a sunny afternoon. (I get restless pretty easily).

Again, I say, oh well. At least I got into my community garden plot this weekend and planted the rest of my spinach, lettuce and onions.
It's actually been crazy windy here the past couple of days. On Thursday night/Friday morning, Newton (the neighboring town) had up to 90mph gusts of wind! What in the world?!? I was pretty much obvious to it. The office was closed on Friday because of Good Friday and I pretty much stay in my house like a mole woman. (That's an Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt reference. Stream it on Netflix immediately). So I didn't see very much of the damage (or didn't know it existed) until Levent took me out to eat at the new pizza place in Newton on Saturday evening. Even then, things were pretty much pulled together by that point, minus the old Alco building that looks like a giant smashed parts of it with a sled hammer and then kick pieces of sheet metal around). We don't take "rain checks" here, people; we take "wind checks," (which is exactly what we had to do with our picnic today).
Overall, it has not been the best of weeks. I think my anxiety medicine is not efficient anymore. As a result, I've had to use my additional medicine so I can calm the blank down. It really sucks. I hate feeling unbalanced. I know a lot of it has to do with the fact that I leave for Guatemala on Thursday. (Travel anxiety is my nemesis). But still, even if I didn't have that trip coming up, I think I would've still had similar melt downs (since some of this week were focuses more on work related things than traveling some place new).

Really, I am just ready to be in Guatemala. Usually my travel anxiety subsides when I arrive at my final destination. I am ready to get all of this behind me. I am also ready to come home so I can go to the doctor to figure out what the heck I should now.

Ay, Ay, Ay, what a week.