Week Update: The best and worst

It's been a weird week.

It started with a call from my Landlord on Monday morning, just as I was getting ready to head out the door to work. They're selling the house.

I should've known.

It feels as if it is impossible for me to live in one place for more than a year or so. Living life in constant transition is not fun. Moving is hell. In fact, ironically enough, a couple of days prior to this, I had told Levent that I was grateful to not be moving again this spring. (Last year we both moved on the same day, which was also his birthday as well as the day before we went on a trip to Colorado. Yeah, not the best choice).

I basically been freaking out every since that phone call. I have a cat. I love my cat. I am not willing to give up my cat. Thus, my housing options are pretty limited. (Also, potential landlords get mean when you call them and tell them you have a cat).

At this point, I don't really have a plan besides keep riding it out in the hopes that this house will take forever to sell. (It has foundational issues). Or that whoever does buy it will want to keep renting it out, specifically to me. I might complain about this crazy little house, but I do love living here. It's perfect for me in practically every way. I don't really have a plan B at this point.

That was the worst thing.

The best thing was discovering a new coffee shop in Wichita that, as I texted to my sister later, is like "Raleigh cool." The Reverie in Wichita is exactly what I look for in a coffee shop.
1. Awesome location.
2. Awesome coffee
3. Great decor
4. Steller vibes
(It's a bonus if they roast their own beans).

The Reverie meets all of my high coffee shop standards. Just being in there was stirring up my create energy. I will definitely be back.

 Another good thing also happened on Saturday; I was able to plant my entire garden. It was super windy and it took almost 3 hours, but I did it. Who knows what this season will be like, but the beginning part is always the most exciting.
And I got to harvest some mint for some "garden tea" (or so my family calls the mint tea lemonade we make).

So win-win-win.