Week Update: New place, new space

I am writing this post from 209 E Knott St, a grand total of 3 houses down from where I used to live. It's been a pretty hectic weekend of packing, moving, cleaning, unpacking, you know the drill.
One last Scout picture at the old place 
My new reading nook in the "dressing room" 

She is overly excited about the new rug
I've decided to call it quits for the weekend. Only a couple of boxes remain, and they probably will continue to sit on the floor in the dinning room until (as my sister put it) the walls have a chance to speak to me.

I am glad to be here. I just hate the process of trying to settle in. However, there are a lot of great things about this house that I think will make it a pretty effortless process. For one thing, this place has the cutest back deck. I cannot wait to string twinkle lights and pretend like I am going to start being social to the point of having summer dinner parties in the twilight.

This house is significantly larger than my old space, thus widening up Scout's whole universe. She has many windows it sit in now, lots of places to explore and screen sliding door with the best view of the neighbors 4 dogs and a rooster.

There is a garden space in the backyard! While it is too late for this season (as I already have plants doing poorly in the community garden) I am excited to be able to live in the same place where I grow things. I did, however, manage to transplant my flowers, hostas, herbs and some free-agent tomatoes (that came up on their own).
And that brings me to another point, the trees! This house has a yard full of old trees. They are tall, keep the house cool (which is awesome for the spring/summer) and smell delicious. (Since it's been so damp these last couple of weeks, the "woodlands smell" the trees and grass are giving off remind me of my grandparents' home in Pennsylvania. Divine).

It was a year ago that both Levent and I moved into different spaces. (Apparently, I always move on Levent's birthday weekend. Ugh). Right after that move, I got sick. And guess what. Today, I have a really sore throat and am not feeling awesome. I hope it's just allergies and exhaustion. Otherwise, it's clear that moving makes me sick. I hope this is the last time (for at least a year or so) that I have to move

Oh well. I am just happy to finally be here.