Week update: What's good for my garden is good for me

Rain rain rain. That's pretty much the gist of this week.

Living in Kansas makes one use to endless sunny days. So much so that whenever it is grey for days or, surprise, actually rains a tons I have one of those "oh, right" moments. Sometimes it's not sunny. Still, I find myself wondering on rainy days like this why this particular rain patch hasn't moved on already.

Don't get me wrong, I live the by the philosophy that what is good for my garden (and the Kansas earth in general) is good for me. We always need rain here. So if there is any form of moisture coming from the sky, I try really hard not to complain about it.

All this to say, I was hoping to have a garden report for you today. But I never got out there due to the multiple showers and down pours we've had. (That's fine. Mostly what I had to do over there was pull weeds and mulch. Not the most glamorous work).

I have actually been way more chill about my garden this year then ever before. I think I've only been over to my plot like 3 times… maybe? It's been raining enough that I've barely had to do anything. So right now, I've just been sticking things in the ground and then walking away for weeks. So far, this gardening approach has worked. I am sure that will quickly change when the heat, the bugs and the possible fungal growth starts. But it has worked for my onions. I planted them before I went to Guatemala, mulched them when I got back, and that's been it. And they are doing great! (Well, at least the onions in the community plot. The ones I planted in my new garden box never came up. Oh man. Kansas soil is so picky).

Earlier this week, I found that my lettuce and spinach have taken off like crazy. And now I am in the happy phase of spring where every meal I make must contain spinach because I have so much of it. That's the dream. This is the first year in a while that I feel like I have exactly how much spinach I want at my finger tips. (I tried lettuce again this year, but, yet again, it has not formed into a "head" even though it's the variety that's supposed to do that. It's also not very crisp. I am starting to think it's impossible to grow great lettuce here. Oh well).
I love having an abundance of greens drying on my counter tops
I also love eating healthy suppers of spinach salads with either eggs or grilled chicken. yum! 
Good things from the garden? Yes, that's what I want.

…and I am happy to (potentially) announce that I will probably not have to garden in the community garden next year because (drumroll please) I HAVE FOUND A RENTAL HOUSE! And, get this, it has a garden space already in the backyard! I am going over there tomorrow to look at it and hopefully sign the lease. (Or make a plan to sign the lease). I am so happy to have found a place the has a yard! (I am trying really hard not to be too excited about the space until I have actually signed the paperwork just so I don't get my hopes up too much. But it's a little hard to). I have some plants at my current place that I wanted desperately to keep. And now, there is a good chance that I will get to transplant them.
These lovely ladies have shot up the last couple of weeks. 
Even better yet, I can keep Scout in this new place. (I had to plea my case for my cat, but it worked!) Things aren't official of course, but I feel way less stressed, even with the possibility of needing to pack up all my stuff yet again.
Celebrating with my fatty cat after she "passed her cat interview" (I had invited my potential landlord over to meet my cat and see how clean and nice she is). 

The rain keeps falling. The garden keeps growing and things will be okay.