Summer Bucket List 2015

Okay folks. It's that time again. Fill up your bucket with oceans, sunshine and fudge pops. (Okay, well that first one is unrealistic for this Kansas life I am currently living). Summer is here, y'all. Let me tell you. Kansas wasted no time getting this party after a really damp and cool spring. The calendar changed to June and BAM it's in the high 80s. Feel it. It is here. Immediately.

For the last two summers, I decided to make a list of all the things I wanted to do these hot, sticky months. (Full disclosure, I got the idea from the Joy the Baker podcast. Shocking. I know. I'm such a fan girl). Looking back on 2013 and 2014's list, it looks like I am not really thinking out of the box here. Every summer I want to do the same things, do outside things, garden, eat a lot of yummy food and maybe go someplace cool. But hey. I am fine with those goals. No shame in my summer game.

Even though this is more or less the exact same list as last summer, without further ado, here is my Summer Bucket List 2015

1. Go swim laps with Diana at the Newton pool during our lunch break

2. Make popsicles and homemade ice cream.

3. Go out for brunch in Wichita with Levent

4. Make homemade vanilla extract

5. Have a dinner party on my new (to me) deck

6. Start making yogurt again

7. Learn how to make ricotta cheese

8. Take Scout to the vet to get her rabies shot. (This sounds lame, but I have been putting it off and if she escapes one day (which she has before), I want her to be safe).

9. Read Harper Lee's new book.

10. Work harder on eating more vegetables at every meal

11. Settle into my new house by decorating it and maybe creating some wall art myself

12. Be completely chill about my garden. (Hey, if I get to eat stuff out of it, that's a win. No need to be a nut job over it).

13.  Figure out how to go to Raleigh (and thus the beach) with my sister

14. Go swimming just for fun

15. Hang out with my favorite travel friends, Jilly and Lucas, in Chicago

16. Once a month, take my camera someplace locally to take picture (hopefully with my friend, Amy).

17. Go on a picnic with Levent to the Arb

Cheers to you, summer '15. Let's jam