Week Update: Birthday Weekend

Ready or not. I am 28.

It feels fine.

I still have never really worked (or gone to school) on my birthday. (The kind of exception is that when I was in Chicago cooking for DOOR, I had to make a meal. But that does not really count since that "job" was essentially volunteering with a small stipend). Anyway, this year the tradition continued, since my birthday fell on a Sunday.

Let's be real: I try to celebrate my birthday for more than one day. When it falls on a weekend, that is particularly easy to do. Thus my birthday celebrations included going out to an amazing restaurant in Wichita called Public at the Brickyard, (which was named on a random internet list of the best farm-to-table restaurants in Kansas) with my co-workers on Friday night.
On Saturday, it included going to garage sales as a part of Hesston garage sale day as well as dessert prep for the next day.

Okay, sure. It is depressing to make your own birthday cake. (I might not do it next year). But it wasn't too bad since I have a ton of Joy the Baker cake recipes I want to try and a new cake box to keep them in.
It looks like I failed here. Sure but it still turned out very tasty. There is nothing a little frosting can't fix. Okay a lot. 
On Sunday, Levent and I started the day by going to brunch at Taste and See in Wichita. (Recap: the brunch was average but I am glad we tried it. Also, why can't every brunch experience be like the ones they offer in Asheville)?
The day also included some solid introvert relaxing time...
my first motorcycle ride at twilight...
and, of course, lots of dessert.
Yellow cake with buttercream frosting + chocolate peanut butter ice cream
Overall, it was a good day/weekend. I did miss my family like crazy (but I did get to talk with them and will get to see them in a couple of weeks).

Levent asked me during brunch if I have any 28 year of life bucket list items. And I am not sure that I do. For one, I am not always a good self-started. But I thought about his question for a little bit and came up with the following:
1. To not move this year. (Please Lord let that be true).
2. To try and find ways to eat healthier (she says with a giant cake leftover in her fridge).

I might've just jinks myself by saying that I don't want to move, but I feel like it could be a reasonable item. The same goes for eating healthier, which, to be fair, has been a part of my "2015 resolution" from January. I am not about to try anything crazy. Rather, if I can find ways to make at least one of my meals/day super healthy, then I think I am off to a good start.

I just need to figure out what to do with the cake in my fridge.

Here's to another year of life!