Week update: My first week of being 28

My first week of being 28 has turned out to be a little more interesting than I anticipated, for better or for worse.

Summertime in the office is semi-awful. My work load is slow and there is basically no one there. However, thanks to my colleagues (and a very tiny snake) it turned out to be a pretty hilarious week. (You can find the video via my Facebook page). I am very grateful for my very crazy coworkers with whom I am happy to share everyday life adventures.

But it's been a hard week too. I am not really sure that people tell you just how hard relationships can be when you are young. We just get the disney versions of everything until suddenly we're adults and we're just supposed to now how to navigate through. Right. I am not sure why communication sounds so easy on paper and is so hard in real life. All this to say, life is tricky. Relationships are tricky. But at the end of the day, I am still grateful to be by my boyfriend's side even through the mundane and the messiness. If I had to pick, I would pick him every single time.

In other news, it is hotter than *fill in the blank here with whatever cliche you want to use*. Seriously. My weather app even chose to show cacti for the weekend forecast. Back to running the old AC. I am grateful to have central air, but since I just moved into this new place I feel anxious about what my utilities bill will be. I try to make smart choices, but it's hard to make rational choices in 98-100 degree weather, especially when the options of cool, control bliss is so readily available. I will say that up until Friday, I did manage to leave the house open for almost a whole week. In the middle of June, that feels like a small victory.

I should mention that today is father's day and I get to see my father today! (Since he lives in North Carolina, this does not happen very often). Actually, my parents and my sister and nephew are on their way to Kansas RIGHT NOW! Needless to say, I am pumped out of my mind. I've been missing my family something fierce for the last couple of weeks. I am excited that they will be here by the evening. I am exactly sure what we'll do this week; but it doesn't really matter. I will just be happy to be around them. (Plus, I basically spent all day yesterday cooking food. It's going to be a yummy week).

Other than that, I continue to fill up my instagram account with Scout and coffee. Two of my favorite things.
This is Scout's new thing. Every morning when I try and get ready for work, she jumps into the sink and tries to pull out the sink stopper. 
Scout helping with meal planning for the week
 I've had two cups of coffee today. It's been a really good Sunday.