Kans Fam Time

Phew. It's back to that old fight--> grind--> repeat. Aka, I am now back to my regularly schedule life program after a week and a half of family/travel time. After trips, I am always ready to run home, kiss my boyfriend, squeeze my cat and tell my bed how much I've missed it (especially since for the past 8 days, I've slept on a couch, a futon, and my nieces' bed, which is fine but I have a stuffed pig for a pillow and I woke up one morning with a sticker on my back).

Regardless, I was really jazzed two weekends ago because my parents, sister and nephew were coming to visit me! I've told my parents they can just fly me out to Asheville, instead of making the super long drive all the way out to the land of eternal summer heat. But no, they like to come out.

When they arrived late on Sunday evening they mentioned that they might not ever make that drive ever again. (I don't blame them. It is grueling, even if you break it up into 2 days). Whether this is true or not, I did enjoy having them come and see my new home on the prairie. (As well as do a couple of simple projects for me like build a headboard and organize my insane spice drawer). Plus, having people stay with me gives me lots of opportunity to bust out all of my cooking skills over and over again. Love it.

And them.

Dad built me a corn hole game with some scrap wood. Malakai helped, of course
Levent made us a fantastic Turkish meal one evening
Wichita outings with my mom and sister means, of course, a lunch at Tanya's Soup Kitchen
A trip to Hesston is not complete without feeding the insane turtles at the Arb
This is our "it is so hot!" face.