Raleigh Vacation

Last weekend, I hoped on a painfully early flight out of ICT and headed to RDU (that's Wichita to Raleigh for those unfamiliar with those airport codes) for a mini vacation with my sister. It was beyond lovely. We enjoyed lots of coffee from various coffee shops in Leah's neighborhood, lots of good food, play time with Malakai, a movie on the lawn at the Art Museum, a day trip to the beach (and even though it was quite stressful, it was quite beautiful too), Sunday morning brunch on top of a Greek restaurant, and riding the free bus line down to the Science Museum. 
It was a lovely weekend. The weather even gave us a little bit of a break (most of the days). It was so great to be in an urban setting again and live (even if temporarily) in a world where it was not miserable to be outside. That's the dream.