Garden solstice

Garden solstice isn't a thing. And this year that was particularly true. There was never a high point or a low point. It just never really was. I am not exactly sure if I am even capable of gardening. That's a little bit how this feels since my 3rd year of gardening did not prove to be a charm but rather the worst season yet.

So it goes.

And I know that really sometimes it is just really how it goes. On some level, I was not alone in my garden failure. It was a horrible year for peppers and I know a couple of people whose tomatoes never really took off either. Misery loves company.

Because of being in St Louis two weekends in a row and because it is that time of year when I've had enough, I have officially stopped watering my gardening. (It actually has been raining fairly consistently; so this isn't actually a big deal at all). On Saturday, I went around and pulled up almost everything in my garden. What I left was my tomato plants. Ironically, despite their lack of fruit, the plants themselves look better than any tomatoes I have ever grown, especially for this part of the season. I actually had enough to can 4 pints yesterday. Until the weather dips too low, I expect I might get a couple of stragglers. I might even get enough to make sauce or can another pint. Who knows.
I really hope next season is better and I believe that it should be. After all, I am saying farewell to the community grass garden (good riddance) and will be gardening in the space in my backyard. I actually got the soil tested recently and am hopefully that will help me make smarter decisions. We'll see.
That grassy mess,? Yeah, that's my garden. 
Maybe Kansas has beat me at this game and I am just the fool who keeps trying.