Summer 2015 recap

This may happen every year. In the early part of the summer I create a summer bucket list of all the things I want to do. Then by August, I completely get derailed or just forget completely.

Since it is already the middle of September and since we can now go outside without immediately sweating through out clothes, I thought it might be a good time to do a little summer reminiscing

Here are the things on my list that I actually did.
1. Go swim laps with Diana (and Denise) at the Newton pool during our lunch break
2. Make popsicles and homemade ice cream.
3. Go out for brunch in Wichita with Levent
4. Make homemade vanilla extract
5. Have a dinner party on my new (to me) deck
6. Take Scout to the vet to get her rabies shot. (This sounds lame, but I have been putting it off and if she escapes one day (which she has before), I want her to be safe).
7. Read Harper Lee's new book.
8.  Figure out how to go to Raleigh (and thus the beach) with my sister
9. Go swimming just for fun
10. Hang out with my favorite travel friends, Jilly and Lucas, in Chicago
11. Be completely chill about my garden. (Hey, if I get to eat stuff out of it, that's a win. No need to be a nut job over it).

I feel pretty good about this. After all, it was way over half of the things I wanted to do. I found that I really love going lap swimming at the Newton community pool over my lunch break and was sad when it closed for the season. I did, in fact, make homemade vanilla extra. See.

But I actually have not needed to use it yet. So hopefully it is fine.

All the extra, fun swimming I did this summer was with my sister and nephew, including a semi-hectic trip to the beach. (My Raleigh trip was possible, in part by me realizing I had enough air miles for a one-way ticket with American Airlines. Amazing).

Overall, it was a pretty good summer. And I finally did manage to have a deck party, even though it was just last night.

Here are the things that I did not do...
1. Start making yogurt again
2. Learn how to make ricotta cheese
3. Go on a picnic with Levent to the Arb

I had every intention of making yogurt again this summer, especially when I realize my oven had a light. Shortly after this realization, it burned out. And so did my yogurt making dreams.

Levent and I did not go on a picnic, which is not surprising because it is miserable in Kansas in the summertime. Maybe now that fall will be here soon, we can make that happen.

And finally, here are the things that kind of happened..
1. Work harder on eating more vegetables at every meal

Okay. I did try hard at increasing my fruit and veggie intake for several weeks. And then I let it slide. Ah. why is it so hard?

2. Settle into my new house by decorating it and maybe creating some wall art myself

Thanks to my family, I did settle into my new space. I love it. However, I did not create wall art for myself. But I am kind of in the process because I did decide to play around with watercolors. I am hoping to do something for my wall with that medium. I am just not sure when yet.

3. Once a month, take my camera someplace locally to take picture (hopefully with my friend, Amy).

In May, I did go out of town during sunset and take some pictures of wheat. But that's pretty much all I did. It's really hard to be creatively inspired when it's really hot outside. I did not take photos with Amy, but I am still determined to make this happen sometime.

I guess I might still have time. As long as there are 80-90 degree days left in the week forecast, it is still summer in my mind. I don't care how long kids have been back in school. I will definitely look forward to consistent cooler temperatures come October, but in the meanwhile, maybe I will dig deep and find motivation to make ricotta.