Appreciating October

November is right around the corner, and where have I been? Well, kind of here, there and (not really) everywhere, but it was enough to keep my sleepy level up too high on the weekends to even consider blogging. Maybe I am part bear. My need for hibernation feels very ingrained in my bones. It's possible that for the first time in my life, I feel jazzed about winter. I am dreaming about these slippers and these winter boots. (I am also ready for it to be too cold outside for my neighbor to go nuts with power tools on Sunday afternoons).

I'm getting ahead of myself. Yesterday, things here in Kansas have finally taken that fall turn. We got really lucky and had a couple of lovely weeks that were still warm, (not horribly hot). Now the leaves are finally changing at a more rapid rate and the weather is starting to take a dip at night and not climb too high during the day. It's wonderful and it makes me wonder, what other pumpkin themed dish can I make?

In my adult life, I have come to appreciate October more so than ever before. I had two friends in college who had birthdays this month and so were thus always swooning over October. I think I was always too deep into my studies at this point in the year to really notice. Now, as Anne Shirley has so lovely put it, "I am so glad I live in world where there are Octobers," is also true in my life.

Even though we are losing the light more and more each day, the "golden hour" right before sunset is stunning. I am even a little bias now too. Living in the prairie, we have more access to this golden light before the sun sinks behind the horizon, than people who live in the hills and the mountains. (Okay, yeah I know, fall is beautiful everywhere. Just let me have this one, okay?)
While I might be singing October's praises, I should mention that this month has not been easy. I had a super exhausting work trip to PA, my boyfriend's schedule and mine have not been matching up very well, and I had to say goodbye to a friend who is moving out of state. But just like that dazzling light that we are losing a little bit more each day, I would rather focus on the good of Octobers.

And since I love lists, here are my good moments from this month in list form:
1.  October means the beginning of fall in Kansas, which in turn means the beginning of fall scents. This candle I got from Etsy is magical, for obvious reasons.

2. The Hesston Public Library knows me so well that they know I am trying to read everything Agatha Christie has ever written. So when someone donated a ton of old Christie paperbacks, they called me up (actually the texted me) and let me come and take pretty much all of them. Now I have this happy stack of books that will definitely be the highlight of my winter hibernation

3. Because it's getting cooler outside, my cat is getting way more cuddly. It's great.
4. During my last work trip to PA, I had the chance to see my beautiful friend Connie and met her sweet baby.
5. I've been playing around with my new art supplies a lot lately. I recently got stamps and I am having the best time testing them out.  Suddenly I have so many ideas of what I want to do with them.
6. I officially ended my tomato season yesterday by ceremoniously pulling them up. Enough is enough. (Also there is a good chance it might freeze soon). Levent and I had tomato bisque for supper and I still have enough for a couple more meals yet. We'll see what these lovelies turn into. I am ready to be done for the year. (Although I do have some spinach and turnips growing in my backyard).

7. Speaking of cats, my co-worker/friend, Denise, got a cat on Friday for her son's birthday. But since she got the cat during our lunch break, little Jones spent the rest of the afternoon with us in the office. It was amazing

8.  I had to say goodbye to my co-worker/friend, Diana this week. Even though it's going to completely suck to not have her in Kansas, she is still working for MCC. This means that will still get to see her on a regular-ish basis. I'm really proud of the move she is making for her personal life and and even more happy that we can continue being friends even if we don't work down the hall from each other anymore.
Those are the things. Happy October everyone!