Christmastime is here: 2015

 Christmastime is coming.

Ready or not.

You know how Christmas has a particular feeling? As in people say, it doesn't "feel" like Christmas, implying that there is one specific way one is suppose to feel this time of year. And if you can't invoke that feeling, then it doesn't feel "right." For example, we have all these Christmas songs that yell about how it supposed to be cold and snowy right now. Well, this week in Kansas it was sunny and in the mid 60s. It was awesome and I definitely wasn't wishing for snow.

Nevertheless, as I say constantly, I am trying to be less of a grinch about Christmas. This year, I actually got a small Christmas tree and decorated with things I got at the Newton Et Cetera Shop (the local MCC Thrift Shop). It's actually quite lovely and does a great job of warming up my space. (Oh of my favorite things about it too is how Scout will start and stare up at the bookshelf (where the tree is sitting) and meow at the ornaments).

Not only that, but Christmas prep has been in full swing for awhile, which, honestly can stress me out about money. However, there are so good things too. For example, 2 Fridays ago, my co-worker/friend, Denise, and I decorated the office for Christmas while listening to Justin Bieber's Christmas album (ha). We also got Christmas themed drinks from Mojo's. 
I've also been baking practically nonstop, which is fabulous (but it also means that I am eating cookies like it's my job). I recently made these brown sugar pecan cookies which are beyond. They are so good! Please make them.
Finally, I am officially done with Christmas shopping and to make it even better was that it was not stressful at all (well the actually shopping part). I made it into a fun experience by mostly buying everything online and then going to my favorite local places in Wichita (and the Newton Et Cetera Shop) for everything else.
Of course that means I had to stop by my favorite hipster-filled place in ICT, The Reverie 
Plus, I feel really good about what I got everyone. That's a pretty nice feeling.
Even though Levent and I are kind of doing our own thing for Christmas this year (and that kind of sucks), I am really excited to go to North Carolina to be with my parents and my sister and her family. I love them and western North Carolina. I kind of wish I was there already.

But for now, I will go back to snuggling with my cat and watching White Christmas on Netflix.
Ho ho ho