2015 summed up

I realize that I am behind in this blog. It's already January 10th and I've solidly missed the annual end of the year recap blog post. I also did not blog about my 2015 goals and if I did any of them or if I will even have for this year.

Even though we've definitely into 2016 now, I still want to take a little bit of time to do all of these things. While I know new years resolutions can be ridiculous, I am all about self reflection and that is what is suppose to happen this time of year. So here goes.

2015. What was your deal, huh?

This past year was full of good things and full of hard things and full of everything in between. (I guess every year is like this. But this year felt like there were more highs and lows than usual).

2015 was the year my twin nephews were born. It was the year that Levent and I celebrated 2 years together. It was the year I went to Guatemala (and completely forgot to really blog about it and share most of my pictures with my blog). This was the year my Grandpa Zehr died and my boyfriend's parents were hospitalized because of a really bad car accident. There was a lot of hard things that went along with both of those things. It was the year that I went to the beach with my sister and hung out in Chicago with my international friends, Jill and Lucas. It was the year that I moved yet again. (I am now 5 houses for 5 years of Kansas life. One more house on Knott Street to check off the list). It was the year that I barely had anything to can from my garden.  It was the year where I feel as if my fitness game really went up a level. But it was also the year where I hurt my hip and had to learn how to take it easy, (which I am still trying to do). It was the year where I went to Asheville for Christmas and went outside barefoot multiple times because it was nice out.

And 365 days (plus a couple more) and a paragraph later, 2015 is all summed up.

I realize the other day that only recording my year goals on a blog post is not the most effective plan. I forget all about them. (You can check out my 2015 goals here, but to summarize, they were pretty much the following
1. Bake things again (but balance that out with eating healthy)
2. Eat kale and make more internet salads
3. Keep running and swimming
4. Stop spending so much money on cloths, except for professional clothes
5. Make or delete recipes on my pinterest board that are from before 2014.
6. Go out and do more things with Levent.

So it was pretty hit and miss. I did bake things. I did eat kale, which I still don't love. I didn't really make more interesting salads and if you read my blog regularly you know I am trying to increase my fruit and veggie intake. It mostly goes average. I did, however, really up my exercise routine (as I mentioned). I really swam more this year than I maybe ever have, thanks mostly to swimming during lunch break at the outdoor pool in Newton with my coworkers. Yeah, I still spent probably too much on clothes I did not need (hey, it's hard especially since I am a SINK (single income, no kids). I did get some much need staples though. I did crank out of a lot of pinterest things, but probably not to the extend that I was hoping I would. And Levent and I didn't really get out a ton, although we do occasionally. We just definitely did not go bowling.

Overall, I am not too disappointed for surprise by my progress on these 2015 goals. The bottom line was to try and be more healthy and I think I am on my way. That's got to count for something.

That's it I guess. Farewell, 2015. I really hope 2016 is a better year then 2015.