Weekend in VA

One of the good things about being stuck on the East Coast for 2 weeks is that I get the opportunity to see my sister.

In between my 2 weeks in Akron, PA, I zipped down to Harrisonburg, VA to visit my sister's family in their new home. (They moved from Raleigh to Harrisonburg a couple of months ago). While I do miss all the things about visiting them in Raleigh, it was really nice to be able to be close enough to drive down for a quick weekend.

Because of how exhausted I was for my work meetings the previous week, we mostly just chilled... and ate food. Duh. It's what Leah and I do best together.  This was my first official visit to Harrisonburg. (I had been there a couple times before but not for more than a couple hours max). Despite first impressions of this town, I was very impressed with their local food scene. We managed to eat at some very tasty places. Moreover, they have a year round farmers market that actually has vegetables (and not just bread and jam). I was super impressed.
 And, of course, I had lots of time to be with this crazy wonderful boy.
It was so nice to get away, especially to my sister's home.