Feb's check in

Hey February. Here you are. It's amazing how quickly time goes when you spent most of January out of state. I also recently got back from La Junta, CO, one of the worst drives on dreaded highway 50, also for a work thing. Needless to say, I am happy to be home (and I can barely remember that it's 2016 now and not 2015).

When I was in PA, a was hanging out with a friend and he asked me if I had made any New Years Resolutions. I told him I did, sort of, although in the moment I could not remember what they were. Clearly, I am off to a great start.

Scrolling down the blog a little bit, I decided to check in with them again. Here's the summary.

1. Hip improvement.

This continues to be my constant battle, as my leg constantly hurts whether or not I am excising or not.  On bad days, it turns when I stand, it it hurts when I lie down, it hurts when I sit. I really cannot win. (Today is a bad day. I am currently heating my glut muscles and icing my leg). I do know, however, that a lot of my leg issues are really nerve issues. I guess that's helpful to know, even if it feels as if there is nothing to do about it. I also recently got a massive bill from the physical therapist, demonstrating how little insurance actually covers, which I was not anticipating. I am not exactly sure what to do now. I continue to do my pt exercises every day, but it no longer seems to be making a difference.  On the bright side, since I can do nothing and my hip and leg still hurt, I've started going back to my cardio classes at the Wellness Center. Don't worry, I still take it pretty easy and have a strict no lunging policy. I've also started doing yoga again, which seems to help things the most.

2. Eat more fruit and veggies.

I have a feeling this will always be a struggle. I do pretty good some weeks and then awful for awhile. It's really hard to do this when traveling. I'm trying though. And I think I will go eat an orange as soon as I am done with this post.

3. Make more things from my pinterest board.

This is probably the only thing on which I've been consistently working. I'm trying to make at least one recipe from this source per week. I made this cheese dip for the super bowl party we went to yesterday. (Go Broncos). And let's be real, one of the main reasons I like the super bowl is because of the opportunity to eat a lot of dips. (And to see Queen B slay us all. Amazing).

But in other recipe news, I've also recently made this broccoli cheddar soup (which does not count as far as veggie increase goes because it is clearly not healthy, but it is so delicious), and these oatmeal dinner rolls, which, let's be real, are not as good as my Gram's roll recipe I make all the time, but it is a nice one to keep in the bank.

4. Work on my mental well being.

Let me tell you, going to PA for 2 weeks did not help with this. It was the worst. And although I want to read some "self-help" type books this year, I have not done that yet. That is not to say that I am not working on this goal. I have been trying to pay a lot of attention to my emotions and trying to not project things on to others, especially my boyfriend. I think it's been going a lot better. Even the act of being aware of it is a major help.

5. Be creative.

Always the struggle when it's cold and windy outside. But spring is coming soon and I am sure that will make my creative juices flow. It usually does. Being home for more than 2 weeks at a time also helps with this.

Anyway, those are the things. I am going to go put my bread in the oven and eat an orange. Cheers.