wellness update

2016 sucks.

So far the outstanding things of this year have been a ton of traveling for work, a mass shooting in my town and the weirdest leg problem that causes me constant discomfort. I know. I know. I am being a downer right now but please just let me use this blog post as a way to vent. After all, writing it out feels like healthier than just bottling it up and then having random emotional break downs.

Yeah so my leg hasn't gotten any better. Actually, it's gotten a lot worse. I am uncomfortable all the time. It aches and tingles and sometimes feels like has a burning sensation without really burning, if that makes any sense at all. It hurts to stand, to sit and to lie down. The only times I feel some relief is if I am doing yoga or walking. I might have one sweet day a week where I feel semi-normal. I've been to physical therapy, the chiropractor, tried acupuncture and the medical doctor who have me on some steroids, (which I thought were helping until yesterday afternoon). What feels like the only logical next step is to get a steroid epidural and get an MRI.

Goodbye money!

I feel as if I am at my whit's end. And while I realize that there are people out there, even people I know, who have way worse medical issues they are dealing with (and dealing with them like champions), it's been really hard trying to live with this new realization that this might be a chronic thing, that I've already peeked physically and I am only 28. That's extremely frightening and discouraging.

In the meanwhile, I am trying to do things to take care of myself. For example, I am trying, yet again to eat way more vegetables and fruit. I'm doing my stretches. I am doing so much yoga that maybe I'll actually gain some straighten and flexibility I haven't had before.

And spring is coming, right? So maybe so are more hopeful days ahead. I have my fingers crossed, although, from where I literally stand right now, it feels unlikely.