Great weekend things

Can it always be the weekend? 

It might have been the joy of not traveling for work or it could've been the lovely weather. Either way, it was a fantastic time. Lots of great things happened. 

1. Sunshine and warm temps! Oh my goodness. This weekend was sunny and in the mid-70s. Even though it was still crazy windy, it did not take away from being outside and soaking up all things spring. 
I also decided to walk the Emma Creek 5k with my friend, Denise, and her 5 year old daughter. (I will admit that I wished a couple of times that I was running it. Although, let's be real, I would've hated it if I had done that). This is the 3rd time I've done the Emma Creek but the first time I did it with a friend and the first time the weather was sunny and warm. It was a great way to start a Saturday morning, (even if I had to pay just to walk around my town).

2. Food! I had lunch with Denise on Friday. (At Prairie Harvest, which has yummy mac and cheese on Fridays. We also got to sample their new Kombucha, which I am now totally into. Really, it was probably just a matter of time before I jumped on that hippy bandwagon).
Secondly, Levent's Dad is in the area for a funeral and so we had an semi-spontaneous lunch with him and a friend. Grilling in the middle of the day always makes my brain think it's a holiday.

Finally, I also fed my desire to make cake all the time. This time in the form of a blueberry coffee cake from Smitten Kitchen. So yummy.

4. Wichita adventures! On Sunday, I had to go into work to skype into a church service. Afterwards, as a treat to myself, I went to Wichita to basically do things I love to do. So, you know, go to Target and spent all my money. 
I also got coffee at the Reverie. (You know how crazy I am about that place). And I checked out Songbird Juice Company, which is this darling hippy place that I now love completely. I got a punch card now. So it's official. 
I am starting to really love ICT, but the trick with this city is that these little nuggets (like the Reverie and Songbird) have been challenging to find. I have found that a lot of locally own places in Wichita do not have a web presence, or if they do, just social media. It's been quite the adventure discovering them, although quite fun as well. I just want these local gems to thrive and wish they would shout a little louder (and broader) about themselves. 

3. Gardening! It amazing how I always get sucked into buying more plants than I originally plan. Usually, it's the clever names that get me (i.e. Juliet tomatoes). This time, it was the begonias. I haven't been a big annual flower person but for whatever reason, this year I am all about it. It might have something to do with the planting pots that were left behind at my rental place. I think begonias are my favorite flowers. LOOK AT THEM. 
 Okay, I am a little over zealous about them but they are beautiful and I cannot help myself.

This weekend, I also planted some herbs. Yep, I am trying them in pots this year. Since there isn't enough sunlight in my kitchen, right next to the back door will have to suffice.
 I planted another row of green beans too and am impatiently waiting to plant the rest of my veggies. I think I probably could've done it this weekend and been fine, but you never quite know with the weather. I figured my tomatoes would be happier if I just chilled out for a minute and waited until May 1.

Seriously, spring is my favorite time of year. When else do I get this excited about vegetables? I just hope we get a couple more weekends like this one before the heat wave begins.