plants and pita

Since my last post was a little depressing, I decided to also share today what is making me happy this week. That's easy: Spring things! I love Springtime in Kansas. I think what sets it a part from the other seasons for me is the wheat. It's so green at this point in the season. I love it. I also love the warming temperatures too. Don't get me wrong. It's been incredibly windy this week, which kind of sucks any joy out of being outside, but I did manage to get some things in the ground. 
After finally spreading the manure from Maynard on my garden last weekend, I planted some spinach, onions and a few green beans, on Thursday (which I plan on planting more of when I get back from cold Canada). It might be a little too early for green beans, but it's been so warm lately that I figure I might as well risk it since I am planting more later on anyway. What excites me about this garden is that 1. it's in my backyard and that alone cuts down my garden time by a lot and 2. I finally bought a soaker hose. (It's new, which is why it looks so funny in the picture. I need the sun to soften it a little bit so I can manipulate it a little better). Having a soaker hose is going to be such a time saver and, hopefully, way better for my plants. I can't wait.

I also noticed that my mint is already coming up as are my hostas. I transplanted these things last summer during my move. So there is always the worry that maybe that transition was too hard on them and they wouldn't come up. But don't even worry. They are hardy and doing just fine. I cannot wait to make mint tea when it gets hot outside.

On a completely different note but also one that has brought me joy this week was my successful pita bread making. I've been intimated to make pita bread for years because a long time ago I tried making it and it didn't turn out. (This was back in my parents' kitchen in IL, which tells you how long ago that was. It was definitely before I got better at working with dough and the pita bread didn't puff at all and was very dense). I think there is room for improvement but overall, I was very pleased with how they turned out. Yum. Once again, my intimidation in the kitchen turned out to be ridiculous. (I used Tyler Florence's recipe from the Food Network).
I am already excited to get back from Canada and see what other green things are happening outside and explore more baking adventures inside. (Maybe even another cake).