A week in (some) photos

Is it weird that I look at my old instagram photos when I am feeling sad? Well I do.

I don't actually believe it's that strange or that narcissistic of me. After all, I take photos of what I love the most, (not in any particular order), my boyfriend, my family, my cat, food, coffee, coffee, my cat. You get it. I some times have days when I feel completely down in the dumps for no good reason. During my low points, sometimes it is helpful for me to peruse old photos. It cheers me up. (I especially like watching the video of my (then) 2 year old nephew telling us that if we see a shark at the beach, we should punch it in the nose. It's amazing). I have a really good life. I think sometimes though, my hermit crab like tendencies can make me feel too isolated. I live too far away from my family. Most of my close Kansan friends have babies/families, (which makes it harder to call them up spontaneous and say "hey, I'm feeling sad. Want to come sit with me?" Also, I think I really need my sister for that).

Anyway, this post is heading down in the dumps quickly and that's not the direction I mean to take this. Let's go back to instagram. Even with my emotional low points, looking back at my week in photos, gives me a lot of perspective. It was good week. I am loving this spring weather. I got a lot of garden things happening. I finally got a water dish my cat cannot purposefully tip over. It's rainy and cozy today (but not cold). It's fantastic.

Here are my good things from this past week, brought to you by instagram

1. Last Friday, my friends, Tina, Denise, and I had another "girls night" in Wichita.

Side bar: Okay for real Wichita, pull yourself together and get on the internet.Okay so maybe this isn't fair, but whenever I am searching for a new, local restaurants to try in Wichita, I CAN NEVER FIND THEM. Even if places have websites, their presence isn't strong enough that I find them right away. I often feel as if I have to dive into the bowels of the internet to find them. And when I do find them, turns out, they've been in Wichita forever. What in the world?

To prove my point, if you google "best places to eat in Wichita" the second (THE SECOND) website option that comes up is someone's personal blog. Not a blog from someone who makes a living from blogging, but someone's personal blog. WHY?

Side bar over: After some internet digging, I came across this lovely local joint called Fork and Fennel, which I believe to be another hidden gem of Wichita. I was not very interesting that evening because I had a burger, (which was amazing. I regret nothing). However, the real prize of the night, minus hanging out with my friends, was the gin and tonics. Apparently this place is known for this particular cocktail, or so our waiter told us. But I believe him. It was the best gin and tonic I've ever had (not that I've had very many, but I definitely was impressed). They also make homemade chips. So good. I cannot wait to go there again and try their bunch menu.

2. I think I did pretty good on the eating healthy/eating foods to help with inflammation this week. I ate a lot of tuna and some salmon. (Although, I think I am going to take a week or two off from salmon eating). Every day, I tried to really pay attention to my food options and really tried to make sure I made a good choice every day.
Roasted broccoli is the only way I actually enjoy their weird looking veggie
I also made curry chicken this week too. Apparently, turmeric is an anti-inflammatory. Want me to eat more curry? Not a problem
3. We've been without an office manager for awhile at work. This past week, someone new stated in that role. While I still really miss my friend Denise who used to do that job, I am glad we finally have someone there, even if our internet decided to be the worst as a way to initiate her to the office.  Tina and I picked up most of the slack between office managers, so it's not a surprise that I am ready for the new sense of normal to finally arrive back at the office. 

4. Weekend things! Well, especially eating breakfast outside Saturday morning, but also garden things! I planted everything on Thursday and mulched everything with straw this weekend. It still feels so live changing to have the garden in the same place where I live. I feel so hopeful about my future vegetables. Talk to me again in July and I am sure it will be a different story. But I feel that with my new soaker hose system, I can handle it. 

Other weekend things included baking. I successfully made paneer for the first time in a while. I also made shortcake, which looks horrible but add milk and strawberries and it is the best thing. (The recipe has a lot of yogurt in it, which makes it super moist). 

5. The internet might kick me off if I don't mention that today is mother's day. Even though I am far away from my Mama (who is sadly feeling sick today), I really appreciate her and all she has done for me, in the past, present and future. I look forward to the hopeful day when I don't live as far away from her as I do right now. Then maybe we can have a mother's day brunch. The internet makes me believe that having a nice brunch with your mother is really the best way to celebrate.  But until that time, cheers Mama! 
And Happy Weekend to the rest of us.