Garden report

It's storming again. Right now, as I am typing this, there is constant thundering in the background. I am totally going to sound like the old person I am and say that I wish I had a rain gauge because I really want to know how much we've been getting. There is water standing in fields and yards, including my own, which is an indicator of a ton of rain. I know I am not suppose to complain about rain, but it's getting to the point where I wonder if it's okay to complain. My jalapeno plant doesn't stand a chance again this year if the weather doesn't dry up and warm up.

It's really okay though. I only wanted like a handful of jalapenos anyway.

Side bar: there is literally a family of ducks walking past my house right now. Mother and father mallard with their 14 babies (which was the most I've ever counted at one time. It's possible they might've lost a few since that first count).  And scout missed them again. She is too busy sleeping on her back in the middle of the living room floor. (But don't worry. Last week, I woke her up and put her in the window so she could watch them. I didn't want her to miss the view). 

Overall, my garden seems to be doing pretty good still. For one thing, my flowers are crazy beautiful. (Well, the ones in pots. I am still waiting for my zinnias and marigolds to take off). And my hostas? They are maybe the biggest hostas I've ever seen. I love them, especially since in 2014 they made the long journey from NC to KS and are thriving.
I've had some issues with bunnies eating my flowers, ironically, not my vegetables. I recently bought some kind of fox urine granules to sprinkle around them. I have no idea if it's working, of it's just the rain right now that's keeping the bunnies from nibbling on my black eye Susans and lavender.

My spinach has been in full effect for a couple weeks now. Since I tend to buy spinach all year round, I love the fact that I now have a window of opportunity where I can pick it from my own backyard (and it's 100 times better too because it's not waxy like the kind you find in the grocery store). I know the point of spinach is that it doesn't stay all year, but I really wish it did. I've been trying to eat a lot of (mega) spinach salads since it probably the meal that get me to actually eat a lot of veggies, especially green ones.

Everything else (minus my stunted pepper plant) continues to chug along, despite getting saturated on a daily bases. I am especially pleased that my tomato plants are looking very healthy and that so far (knock on wood 100 times) squash bugs have yet to find my zucchini plant. I even did some weeding yesterday. (Shocked? yes, so am I). So the garden still looks beautiful.

My thumbs feel very green right now and I am very pleased.