The internet makes it super easy to catch a bad case of FOMO. (aka Fear of missing out). Earlier this week, you would think I was toiling over a major life decision. Nope. I was just debating whether or not I wanted to drag myself to Bethel College's Jazz on the Green, (which, fun fact, was the location of the first time Levent and I ever hung out by ourselves back in 2012), or just stay home and cozy up with Levent and watch this old BBC show Inspector Lewis on Amazon prime. The BBC crime drama won out in the end, (which, if you know me, is not a surprise. I love old British people solving murders).

Oh the struggle of being an introvert (and dating an introvert).

FOMO also applies to photography. Whenever I see my friends' photography work or other wonderful people I follow on Facebook, instead of just simply enjoying their artistic eye, I often become a harsh self critic and ask myself why I am not pushing myself to be a better photographer. (Oh right, full time job, plus travel, plus travel, plus introvert with no creative energy at the end of the day/work week). But whatever. I need to stop letting Facebook get me down and just learn at my own pace. I am not trying to become a professional photographer at this point in my life. Right now, it is simply my side hustle/hobby/creative outlet. And that's fine. I need to stop comparing myself to strangers (and friends) on the internet.

Yesterday, I hung out with my beautiful friend Amy who is helping me learn more of the technical sides of photography. It was great! We've done this a couple of times and every time I learn at least one or two things that makes me feel like my photography improves by leaps and bounds.
This is Amy's new dog. He is an old, wonderful, sweet mess. He also came pre-named as Samson John
Thanks Buddy. Hopefully I will feel more confident with my skills by the time for my next side hustle job,