Weekend Update

My coworker brought in this cute little bunny to work earlier this week. Turns out, I love baby bunnies. This is ironic especially since any time I see rabbits out anywhere near my garden, I literally run after them. (Begone! little devils!)

Truthfully, they have not been too bad. They've been nibbling on my tiny green bean plants, but so far they haven't done a lot of damage. (Plus, now I've sprinkled cayenne pepper around the plants. Hopefully that keeps their little noses away).

May in general brings very little to report, which is maybe why I love gardening the most in the spring. So many possibilities, and after planting, very little to do. I did, however, start harvesting spinach this week, just a little at a time. It's glorious. I wish I would've planted more. Right now, it's just enough for a small salad for an occasional lunch though out the week.
 That's pretty much the only garden update there is right now. Everything is nicely tucked under a good thick layer of straw and the soaker hose is all set up. I am hoping this garden is super low maintenance, but that might be wishful thinking. It is only May.

It was quite cooler this weekend but my herbs continue to grow like crazy and soak up what sunshine we did have. I've especially enjoyed watching my cilantro plant shoot up like rocket.
There is also some kind of rose bush next to the steps leading off my deck. They are in their full glory right now.  This is probably the best my green living space will ever look in my whole life. That's because my landlord takes care of all the yard work and he is very particular. It's amazing. All I have to do is enjoy coming home to my green little home.
I didn't do very much gardening this weekend (minus picking some spinach and checking to see if squash bugs have realized I've planted a zucchini plant in my yard. So far so good). I also generally did not do very much at all, just chilled with my cat. 
It was nice, but for my active mind, I think I should've tried to do something more stimulating besides listening to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire audio book. The frustrating thing during the week is that I sit at my desk, wishing I was home doing gardening things or artsy things. When the weekend finally comes, I just lie around like a bum and eat Cheetos.

Okay maybe I should backtrack a little since I think I can almost hear my boyfriend's disbelieve to that last statement. Minus couch time and Cheetos time, I also had bread baking time. I tried making banquettes for the first time in my life. And let me tell you, this is a 3 day process, well, at least if you use this recipe I used.  Hopefully they taste okay.
*thumbs up emoji*

happy weekend everyone!