Turning 29

I turned 29 on Tuesday. It's been rough going ever since.
Okay, that's sort of a joke. But, not completely. On Wednesday evening, I was struck down with the worst case of allergies I've ever experienced. (These allergies quickly lead to a massive sinus infection to the point where, sorry this is super gross, it was literally pouring out of my eye sockets. Yep, I told you it was gross). I've never been more convinced that I need to get out of this death trap state. Kansas, it seems, is awful for my health. I've since gone to the doctor and I am now hopped up on steroids and eye drops. This plus sleeping poorly because of irritation in my throat has lead to me feeling quite loopy today. I am a zombie. So far, being 29 isn't awesome.

Let's rewind a bit, even though 2016 has not be an all around great year thus far, turning 29 was not too bad. I've had this "life goal" that I am not going to work on my birthday for awhile. (I've made it 28 years without doing so, which, I think is pretty impressive). However, I quickly chucked that goal out the window this year since Levent had the following day off of work. With the plan to take Wednesday off instead, I went to work on my birthday, which wasn't half bad. Since I have a summer birthday, I typically am not around friends/colleagues on my actual birthday. And let me tell you, it was quite nice. Plus, I treated myself to a swim during lunch, a half priced coffee from Mojo's and a massage in the late afternoon. Not bad for a work day.

In the evening, Levent took me out for cheeseburgers at Brickyard Brewery in Wichita. Recently, I've been trying to eat healthy/save money on groceries, which translates into us not eating red meat very often. With that in mind, I was definitely craving a nice, juicy burger. This place did not disappoint (especially with the delicious pimento cheeseburger I had). We ended our evening at Dairy Queen, which I know doesn't sound glamorous, but when you live far away from most ice cream places, eating a blizzard at the end of the day is awesome.
On Wednesday, Levent came over for brunch. (We made crepes!) And after having introvert time in the afternoon, he came back over in the evening for snacks (after a monsoon like storm that knocked out our power for over an hour). All around, it was a great 2 day birthday celebration.

Even now, as I lay on the couch, my mind in a fog, I think of last Tuesday very fondly. Yeah, it was just a Tuesday and honestly, I was not really expecting to enjoy my birthday that much. And maybe it was because I had no real expectations for the day that made everything seem more joyous. Or probably it's because I have friends, family and a boyfriend who love me and made this random Tuesday in June awesome.

I can't wait to get out of this allergy fog and start enjoying being 29. I really don't have anything profound to say about this upcoming year, or as I reflect back on being 28. Really, I am still trying to work on my 2016 goals of taking care of myself and being a healthier person. Sure, there are some things I would like to happen before I turn 30, but really, I think the best thing for me to do right now is to try very hard to enjoy the present, to "be like Scooter" (my sister's old dog) and live in the moment. That's extremely hard for me to do since I am planner and a perfectionist (and I never thought I would be on the brink of 30 still being a SINK (single income, no kids). But life does it's own thing and we are here for the ride. I might as well enjoy as much of my last year as a "twenty-something" while I still can. That isn't to say I don't still have these hopes and aspirations, but rather these dreams/wishes won't define how I view the quality of my life. I do, after all, have a very good life and I look forward to being the most 29 year old person I can be.