Weekend eats

I see you weekend. 

After a pretty average week (post being sick last weekend), I was really looking forward to this having time off when I actually felt good. And let me tell you, it's been a pretty tasty weekend. 

First things first: coffee. 

So I have a terrible weakness for iced lattes, iced mochas, iced coffee, pretty much any type of cold coffee, yes, I'l have that please. In the winter, I am not temped as much by coffee shops as I am in the summer mainly because I cannot seem to make a consistently good cold of iced coffee at home. Thus I went to Mojo's this work week way more times than I should have. 
Because I am suppose to be frugal with my money right now (in light of looming medical bills), I decided it was time to try and different approach altogether. Meet Iced chai. 

I've been sitting on this recipe for awhile and I finally made it. Oh my goodness. It is very tasty and meets the caffeine/iced requirements that I seek from iced coffee.  I will definitely be making it for the rest of the summer. 
 Secondly: vegetables. (Okay, not my favorite tasty treat but bare with me here). I finally was able to go to the Wichita Farmer's market on Saturday. This is my favorite area farmer's market (because it's in old town) and I had not had a chance to go there yet until this weekend. I went seeking tomatoes (which I found) and also picked up some tortillas that are maybe the best thing I've ever eaten, cucumbers and a couple of peaches. (The green beans in the photo below are actually from my garden). Yes to fresh food. It's the best time of the year. (Well, food wise anyway).
 Finally, Sunday Funday. (Sorry for just saying that).

Today, my friend, Denise, and I went to Wichita for the main purpose of finally going to the food truck rally I've been wanting to go to for months. But first, we stopped at the Reverie to have coffee.
 When we got to where the food trucks were parked we walked around for awhile trying to narrow down all the delicious sounding choices.

First up, we split some wanton nachos (which I am still thinking about because they were awesome) from Funky Monkey Munchies
 We also snatched up some lemonade/limeades. We also opted to sit on cement to eat instead of in the grass because we are not insane. It was so hot today.
 Next up: pretzels from the Let Them Eat Brats. I wasn't quite too sure about this beforehand, due to the awful things they call pretzels at all sporting events. This was nothing like those. This was an actual pretzel. Yum yum yum.

 By that point, we were about ready to pass out from heat exhaustion; so we stopped by The Brown Box Bakery to get cupcakes because we are humans.
It was such a fun time, especially for someone like me who pretty much only thinks about food. I can't wait to go again.