The end of summer

Okay, summer is definitely not ending. (I should know. I talk about this in basically every blog post I write). But because youths are getting ready to go back to school and I've reached my gardening exhaustion (without the satisfaction of lots of produce), summer must be about over.  I guess if you would take the heat out of the equation, this would be true. After all, I have maxed out my vacation days until the Christmas season and lap swimming over the noon hour at the Newton community pool officially ended for the year on Friday. Major bummer.  Everything, except the weather, is telling me that it should be fall, y'all.

Nope. No such luck.

I guess this is a good thing. I haven't made popsicles yet this summer. I have plenty of time left to make that happen.

Although I am happy to report that it was fairly cool here this weekend. I actually had the AC off for most of the day yesterday. (Sure it was overly humid, due to the rain we got the night before but hey, I grew up in Illinois. I've been prepare for humidity my entire life).

Anyway, it is hard to jump back into normal life after vacation, especially when the world around you is telling you that the end of summer is near and the heat apocalypse should be almost done for the year. Again, no such luck. That's basically how my week went.

It's been really hard getting back into the grove of life this week since last weekend Levent and I were in Goshen, IN for my cousin's wedding and to visit his best friend's and family. Despite the over 24 hours of driving and one dead car battery, it was a really relaxing weekend. Plus we got to see both of our sets of parents. (Because I was the photographer for my cousin's wedding, I failed to take any pictures on my phone of the people we actually visited. Oh well).
The wedding venue
I finally got to take my date to a wedding :-)
On Sunday, we hung out with Levent's parents. After lunch we walked around the calendar gardens. And, of course, I ran into one of my co-workers and his family. Actually, his wife is in the background of this picture, which I didn't realize until after I took this photo. Sorry for being a creeper, Emily! haha)  

Fried guacamole at the Evil Czech Brewery
I told Levent that I could almost be convinced to move there due to the fact that the only time we ever visit Goshen is in the summer when it is so lovely in northern Indiana. I mean, they have cool evening breezes and everything! I even got to wear a sweater! What a life! This is, of course, not a real picture of this place year round. But it tricks my brain nevertheless, especially when we end up back here in Kansas.


I do love being home. Since I have some work trips coming up, right now my home game is quite excellent, lots of lying about on the couch, editing wedding photos and watching every Olympic event NBC airs. This is the life. Levent and I even found away to make those activities (well minus the photo editing) into a social event. On Friday evening, my cousins, Heidi and Hayden came over for supper and to watch the opening ceremonies with us. It was so fun.
 That's pretty much it. Now back to the Olympics...