I went camping! what?

You heard me right. I went camping with Levent last weekend.

My boyfriend grew up camping with his family. My impression (while maybe only 50% true) is that back in the day they would drive into the northern part of Turkey and stay there for weeks, catching fish and being one with nature. I am not at this level. I am the opposite of hardcore.

All that to say, is that my boyfriend loves camping. Since he loves it so much (and I love him), I told him I would give it another try as long as we ease into it. (No week long affair where you have to poop in the woods).

So last weekend we borrowed pretty much everything camping related and headed to Eisenhower State Park, which is by this massive lake in Eastern Kansas. It was beautiful! (I had no idea this place even existed) The weather was also perfect.

I really like the idea of camping which is also why I want to try harder to like it. I enjoy a good cooking challenge and cooking over a campfire is definitely that. I also realized that the last 2 times I went camping was when we had to travel a significant distance to camp in less than ideal temperatures and perspiration. So it also helps to be able to go someplace close on a weekend that is warm enough to wear shorts but also cools off enough to layer up and sit by the fire drinking tea.

And, believe it or not, I had a good time. We camped close to the lake and at night, the moon wasn't out; so it was just us an a billion stars. We did some star gazing down by the lake shore where the night was like magic. That was maybe one of my favorite Kansas memories so far. The prairie can be a very surprisingly place.

Don't get me wrong I am still easing into camping, but I think I am heading in a positive direction for the sake of my boyfriend, but also because I do want to the type of person who pushes myself to try new things.