Miller Family Christmas

Well, we're back from our Christmas vacation. Tomorrow, I head back to work, so I want to take this time to look back over the last week and a half at my holiday 2016 photos. Levent and I traveled a little differently this year, flying into Columbus to be with his family for Christmas, then driving down to North Carolina to be with mine for a couple days, then driving back to Columbus before flying out New Years Eve. 

I don't know if I just needed a break from every day life or if it was because all our travels went without a single hitch, but this Christmas holiday was so wonderful. (Even though about 50% of those involved had a terrible cold). 

Miller Family Christmas highlights included: 
1. Staying in Wilbur and Shirley's beautiful old home, which always seems magical at Christmastime, and spending time with Levent's siblings

2. Going to a NHL game. (My first one ever! Go Blue jackets). 

3. Star Wars!

4. Eating supper at a Afghani cafe for Shirley's birthday

5. Having breakfast with my cousin Betha and Aunt Joy

6.  Puzzling for HOURS. 

7. Enjoying the traditional Turkish breakfast on Christmas morning. (and having lamb for Christmas dinner). 

8.  Going on a walk with Shirley (stopping for coffee first at the Upper Cup)

9. Ice skating

10. Relaxing and watching 2 KU games. 

11. Figuring out that you can take a glass, antique cake stand (that I got as a gift) as your carry on through TSA. :-)