South Padre Island

Every January, we have our annual staff meeting for work. I typically refuse to call this a "retreat" since my idea of what a retreat and the idea that employers and churches have are never the same thing. However, this past week, the two definitions got pretty dang close.

Last year, we had these annual meetings in Newton. This year, thanks to our new colleague who lives in Brownsville and has all kinds of connections, we were able to get an awesome deal at The Pearl, a hotel on South Padre Island in super south Texas. It was amazing to wake up and see the ocean every day. It was lovely. We even got a little bit of time to relax, in between meetings about visioning and budgeting.

It's not always easy, but I am very lucky to be able to have the job I have, work with the people I work with and travel the places I get to travel, (especially when that place is not in Western Kansas).