Travel Journal: PA & VA

Well I definitely am not going to win any awards for blogging in 2017. I've barely done anything. Really, I shouldn't be too surprised. This is the time of the year when creativity is low on the ground. I would blame the weather but it's basically spring already (hello global climate change). So that's not really a valid excuse anymore.

But I am here now, even though it's February, and I am back at The Perk for my semi-monthly write and coffee sess. This feels nice. They even remembered to put my coffee in a mug; so double that niceness.

Okay so I was home this past week, but the week before then I was in Pennsylvania for some work meetings and then Virginia for some family time.


Yes, I know the following photos do not look like I was in meetings at all in PA. (But for real, what could I possibly take photos of then? Also, why?) The nice thing about being in Akron is that Tina and I got to see our friend, Diana. Since she is going to be moving to BC in a couple months, this was especially nice. But apparently I was too busy taking photos of food to take pictures of my friends. oops. (Also fun story: We randomly ran into my friend Cody, who also lives in Lancaster, 2 different times).


My sister and her family now live in Harrisonburg, which is only like 3 1/2 hours from where I have to go to PA. Even though I miss them living in Raleigh, I do appreciate the fact that after my annual work meetings I can make this "annual" trip down to VA too. I happened to be there the same weekend as my mom's birthday. So, of course, we made her come up from Asheville to hang out with us. We drank coffee, got pedicures, ate great food (Harrisonburg has a surprisingly great food scene) and watch movies. We also met this beautiful dog who must've been part lion. And of course, I got to hang out with this great kid who is all about that pancake lifestyle (notice his shirt in the following picture). (I also ran into my friend from Radical Journey days, Rose at the MCC Thrift Shop there).

Due to mechanical troubles, I got to spend a little bit of extra bonus time with the Bakers. That was nice too. Living so far away from my family often depresses me. The whole weekend was relaxing, fun and much needed.

Hey thanks for making it to the end of this blog post. I felt the need to say thanks since is clearly not the strongest example of my writing ability. I don't even want to know how many times I used the word "nice".  So way to hang in there.