Winter in Kansas

You know I have a tricky relationship with the State of Kansas. This is why I like to occasionally go back through my photos and remember things here that made me happy enough to instagram them. 
For example, my coworker bought this sunflower cookie for me a couple days before "Kansas Day" (which I still don't think is really a thing... even though it totally is). 

For the past couple weeks, I've really been struggling with some leg pain again. On bad days, it can really depress me since I feel as if this is now my fate in life, to be uncomfortable all the time. But there are other days too when I have a healthier perspective and don't feel pathetically sorry for myself. I have been really grateful for the YMCA and for my Pilates and yoga classes I can go to a couple times a week. I was initially not interested in Pilates at all, but as it turned out, it is currently my favorite form of exercise and really helps my leg a lot. I just wish I could go to more often. (There is only 1 evening Pilates class so far. The rest at at 9:30am. So just add that to the list of things retirees and I have in common).  
Baking continues to bring me a lot of joy. I haven't been making cake (although I really want to) mostly due to the fact that I will then eat a ton of cake. But also because the cakes I want to make have a TON of butter in them, which is expensive. So I've been settling for cookies and muffins and other similar baked goods. For now anyway.
I would be amiss not to mention the best thing about winter in Kansas: going to a KU game! This has become a "Christmas tradition" for Levent and me. Instead of getting each other Christmas presents, we just get tickets to a KU game. It is always the best choice and the best of times. I love our Lawrence dates. This time we went to The Burger Stand (which had great fries and all different types of sauces to dip them into) then went to the game v. Baylor. It was a close one, but, of course, the Jayhawks pulled off another W. It's also the one time a year that my introverted self and my introverted boyfriend yell our heads off. So fun. 

Despite not feeling very creative in February, I've busted out my sketchbook a couple of times. Last Sunday I drew a pineapple in church. My friend, Amy, loved it so much that she took it home and framed it because she is silly like that and a good friend. 
 Don't worry. I am well on my way to being a full-blown crazy cat lady. I know have a cat shirt, a cat mug, and, of course, a diva cat. Clearly, I am losing control.

Finally, spring is right around the corner. Don't get me wrong, I am very worried about global climate change (so much so that I had a terrible dream about it the other night). On the bright side, it is nice to be able to on walks outside in the sunshine. (Pun points!) I just really hope that spring takes it time. I cannot handle us jumping into a hot summer in April. Please, God, no. 
Pretty soon I'll be planting my garden and loving it too much. I think I am ready for it, but there is still a very important part of me that is like, nope, it's still February thus my need to hibernate on my couch is totally legit. See you later.