Memorial Day weekend 2017

This past weekend was one of those weekends where we say, "can't it always be the weekend?" 3 days off + beautiful weather. Yes please.

All in all, it was a pretty laid back weekend. My cousin and her husband came over on Saturday evening and we enjoyed a lovely supper on the deck, complete with my semi-annual cheesecake I made for Levent's birthday celebration. (That celebration basically included eating cheesecake all weekend). Fun fact: I had made a crazy lemon cake several weeks ago that wasn't the best. However, the best part of that cake was the lemon curd layer in the center. I had some leftover and thus we poured it over the cheesecake. So good. Try it. You'll thank me later.

Other weekend activities included yoga, baking cookies, spending too much money at target, playing the Lego Star Wars game with Levent on his xbox and waking up without an alarm.

But highest of highlights was that Levent's birthday was on Monday, which was also Memorial Day, a day he usually has to work because Sherwin Williams is only closed on Christmas and Thanksgiving. But he didn't have to work this past Monday. It was a Memorial Day Miracle. The whole day was really chill, which is Levent's style; so it was perfect. I grilled burgers and we ate on the deck again, which is a rare treat (mostly for me).
Don't be fooled; we didn't go hiking this weekend. This was from our Ohio trip
I feel so lucky to be in his life. There is no one I would've rather chilled with this holiday weekend then him.