New things, June things

Okay, it's not June yet, but we are about ready to jump in it. Here we go.

Being so close to the month when I will turn 30th got me thinking that I haven't really blogged about a some personal updates.

(Side bar: I feel the need to mention that I am writing this post on Levent's 28th birthday day but only focusing on me. This wasn't intentional but rather me putting off blogging until right now. More on Memorial Day later).

Update 1:
I finally went to the allergy doctor back on May 11. I had this appointment scheduled since January but allergies in Kansas are so bad that there is like a 5 month new patient waiting list for the very limited allergy specialists in Wichita. Good news: I am not allergic to cats. (Duh. My nurse practitioner tried convincing me that I was allergic to my cat last year. Please. I never was convinced of this).

Bad news: I am basically allergic to everything else. Or at least everything that grows outside. I kind of wish I could've seen my back during the skin test they did on me. All I know is that it itched immediately, like my entire back, and the nurses that kept coming in and out kept saying "oh giiiirl." Turns out, I am allergic to dust mites as well as most grasses, most trees and pollenating wheat and corn.  This is why I have allergies all year round in Kansas, especially when we don't have a hard winter, like last winter. Geesh.

Additional good news is that now at least I know. I am taking a ton of medicine and will probably eventually get allergy shots. I also don't feel bad for not being outside, like right now. I've always been more of an indoor cat anyway. I feel hopeful that this new stuff I am on will keep me from getting my quarterly sinus infection, which was so bad last June that it knocked me out for 4 days. (Looking back, that was probably because of the wheat harvest).

Update 2:
I got a new job! I am still going be working for MCC but instead of working in fundraising. I will be the social media person. I don't actually start until mid-July, so my initial excitement about this new job has sort of fizzled.  (But don't worry, it's still there). Right now, I feel like a high school senior waiting to graduate. I am ready for a new challenge and the chance to use my degree. I am excited to be staying with the same organization as it makes this transition feel way less scary then trying to start a new job someplace else. I am also going to be in the same office building as I am now (although I am moving out of my current office to a cubical). I think the transition is going to be a little bit strange, but I am really happy that I can still be a part of office life with some of my favorite people.

Update 3:
Okay so really my leg stuff is the same. But, I just decided this weekend that I need to try harder to do more yoga in the morning before work. Yoga (and Pilates) seem to be the only things that help me manage this weird pain. I've gone to a personal trainer at the YMCA twice now and she has helped me know how to better foam roll parts of my legs and what strengthen exercises to do; so that has been really positive. But since I can't go to her everyday, I really need to become a yogi master.

I've been struggling with that health balance again in my life and I think it's because I am turing 30 soon. I don't think I would really care about 30 if it didn't feel like I've aged significantly in the last year thanks to all this leg stuff. Accepting that I will probably always have to deal with this has been really hard. Learning how to manage the pain has been even harder because it's taking me forever to figure out how to actually do that. What works one day doesn't necessarily mean it will work the next day. And in the meanwhile, I keep gaining weight because I love to bake and am no longer running or swimming or doing any cardio. It's really frustrating. I can be unbelievably hard on myself. But I am going to really try and dig into this yoga thing in the hopes that it will help me not only manage my pain but also help me learn how to age gracefully.