New beginnings

July is not a time for new things.

It is a time for garden fatigue and heat fatigue and Kansas fatigue. It's like the dead of winter in the middle of summer.
These are the only things that are doing well in my garden this year. 
Regardless, this July has been a July of new beginnings. Well, just one in particular. My new job! Two weeks ago, I headed up to Winnipeg to start my new role by training with some of the digital communications team. There is still so much to learn, but it was fun to be able to start my remote job with the people with whom I work. And, the weather there cooled off at night. What a life that must be.

Now I'm back in Kansas and just finished my first week of this new job in my new office space in my old office building. It is a little weird, but honestly I've been too overwhelmed with newness in my work (and actually having things to do in the summer) that it hasn't been too bad. Hopefully this new normal will feel like "normal" soon.

In the interim, I haven't been able to quite find the balance of needing to monitor and post on social media every day with not working all the time. I also haven't figured out how to balance work social media with wanting to keep up with my own. I feel as if I am living in the internet now, which isn't great. Even going to a coffee shop today and blogging (which has become one of my favorite weekend things, felt a little bit like work this morning. But I still got here mostly because I wanted to eat a scone for breakfast and because I knew I needed to get out of the house). And to top it off, I've literally been carrying all this new out-of-balance stress in my neck and shoulders. So much so that the tightness in my neck actually work me out last night.

Don't get me wrong, I really like my new job. I am just terrible at change and getting used to new routines. I know things will get better, which is awesome because things aren't bad at all right now. Really.

It's all just part of new beginnings. Eventually, I'll have more energy. In the meanwhile, while I get used to this all, I am just going to lie on the floor with my cat.