Chicago for the weekend

I was lucky enough to be able to jet off to Chicago this past weekend to see my BFFFF (aka best friend forever freakin forever), Jill and her husband Lucas. It was lovely and for real I cannot go another 2 years without seeing them. 

We went on an architecture boat tour. (It was amazing!) 
We ended our tour by having cocktails at a fancy placed caused Raised 
We ate at awesome places, obviously. We had brunch at River Valley Farmer's Table (which was less than a block from where we were staying (at Lucas' sister's place). That's for real the dream). 
We played this weird golf game at top golf, which I was way better than I ever expected. 
We had cocktails at a michelin star restaurant, Band of Bohemia  
Other food highlights included breakfast at La Fournette, the most delicious purple cake from Jennivee's Bakery (called ube cake made with a purple yam), Indian food from Tandoor Char House (best Palak Paneer ever) and a neighborhood coffee shop called Groundswell in Ravenswood.
Not going lie, being back in Kansas has felt a little hard since this past weekend. But I am happy that I don't have to wait another 2 years to see Jille and Lucas. (I'll see them at Christmastime!)

In the meanwhile, it's probably best that I am home. I need to stop eating all this awesome, but pretty unhealthy meals. Time to up my salad game again. Regardless, I am so happy I was able to be in Chicago twice this summer. What a treat.