Wrapping up August

I was it to be fall so badly. It rained this morning, which gave me the illusion that it could be a cozy day. But the sun came out shortly later and I remembered we still have a solid month left of summer. I feel a little ticked off about it, which is ridiculous. I know there isn't anything I can do about it.

So I come to you, blog, with some serious angst plus my general exhaustion towards the internet because of my new job. However, I am not willing to let this die. So here is some forced blog fun for everyone.

Here are the things we need to know before we sign off on August.

1. #BlackLivesMatter is not a hate group. It's important to me that you understand that. If you need convincing, please read this book.

2. I've been feeling really existential lately and in order to try and counter act that, I've been making myself do creative things again.

3.  The Solar Eclipse! On Monday we got to watch a 94% solar eclipse. It was so cool (although I did think that it would get darker than it did. I mean 94 percent seems like a lot, right?) It was fun to take a super long lunch with my colleagues and watch the shadows change, feel the breeze cool down, see the light get muted while the moon took a bite out of the sun.
4. Levent's friends who moved away recently were back this week for a visit (and a work thing), which meant that we had a reason to go out to eat in Wichita! (We went to the Wichita Brewing Company. It was such a nice evening that we sat outside).
4. Since Sarah and her family are moving to VA soon, I had her, Julie and Amy over for afternoon coffee. It was hot outside, but we stuck it out anyway. I love being able to use my deck space. I am really bummed out that another wonderful person is leaving south central Kansas, but I am grateful that I'e been able to be a part of this friend group.

5. I made loaf bread today for the first time in a long time. And it turned out awesome. Now I am trying not to eat an insane amount of toast.
Now I am going back to being a couch potato. See you in September.