Looking (mostly) forward

Ah, a new year. I told my colleague Tina the other day that from here on out, I think I am always going to be shocked at what year it is. 2018? You're kidding. But here we are, in the beginnings of a new year and in the thick of a fully-January winter.

In summary, I hate January. Moreover, I think I blog has the same annual arch in terms of content. In January/Feb, I hate everything; I am sleepy all the time; it's freezing; what is the point of it all?  I am forcing myself to write right now because I don't feel super creative. You know, that same half-valid excuses.

But I am here, blog and hear me roar. Well, mostly mumble, but I'm here nevertheless.

Usually in one of my first blog posts of a new year, I look back on any goals I've set. Last year, I didn't really do that because my goals seem to also be the same year after year. 2018 isn't really that different, but I thought I would write some of them down because it's always good to be reminded of goals, even if they feel on-going.

1. Become a yogi master. (This is essentially my same goal to keep managing my hip/leg pain). Out of everything I've done, yoga has consistently helped me manage my pain. Thus, I've been really determined to get into it. I've been going to yoga classes for a year now. Most of my improvements have been slow, but looking back, I can tell that I am stronger, more flexible and have a better sense of balance then I did in 2016. I can even do half a head stand (meaning I can only get one leg in the air, but hey, it's progress). Being a "yogi master" is more of a life goal, but I will keep practicing in 2018.

2. Eat those darn vegetables. I did actually do a semi good job of eating broccoli on an off and on basis (but dang does it stink up my house). I eat a ton of spinach and in 2017 I also started getting into roasted eggplant. This is also a life goal but in 2018, I want to keep making room in my life for more vegetables. I think this is the year where I come face-to-face with cauliflower again.

3. Find ways to be creative that aren't necessarily linked to butter. I baked a ton in 2017. I loved every second of it. But it's expensive and fattening and there are other things I can do on the weekend that fill the creative part of my heart. For instance, drawing or painting or photography. I can be quite existential about all three of those options, but I just need to push through and not worry about everything being perfect. Just make a lot of mess. Who cares! (I did just buy some new, quality color pencils and I am jazzed about them).

Okay those were the life goals that are on-going. Here are 3 goals specific to 2018. 

1. I want to snapchat my BFFFF Jille once a week. (She lives in Qatar).

2. I want to make sourdough bread

3. I want to read 30 books this year. My job is to basically live on the internet; so I want to keep being intentional about getting off my dumb phone and picking up a book. Again this year, I am trying to read more books by women of color and I already have some in the queue that I am excited about. I also want to read Jane Eyre. My cousin, Heidi has been on a British classics kick. (Once she's done with Anna Karenina, we're going to talk about it). She's already read Jane Eyre and loved it. I mostly want to read it so we can also chat about it. I really wish I was in a book club, but I make no effort to find one. But my literature chats with Heidi feel pretty close to that. Finally, I want to read at least 1 non-fiction book. I'm sure a fiction junkie; so this is really a struggle, but I am determined nevertheless.

Okay, 2018. Let's go.