This past week, I was in Seattle with my team for a work retreat. While the actual work part was fine/average/whatever, being in Seattle was quite fun.  (I had quite the time getting there but I got there in the end).

We stayed at a beautiful, Lego-filled airbnb, which was right by a trail. Seattle was also bursting forth with blooms. Plus, it was actually sunny and on some of the days we could see the snow-capped mountains in the background. Incredible.

Photos of in and out of the Airbnb
Walks on the trail

What we ate (basically I took over the planning on the food; so you know we ate really well).

I got to Seattle about 15 hours after I was suppose to. I was exhausted and super hungry. Mojito's Cuban food hit the spot. 
Healthy supper at Home grown (a farm to table place)
Lunch at Zaina
Supper at Mioposto. This was a beat salad. (I liked it, Dad!)
Break at Top Donuts
Supper at Jebena Cafe
After meetings exploration at Pike's Market Place

This was only $10. WHAT
I willing ate fish! 
mocha at this beautiful artisan chocolate place
Seattle is so beautiful. And the nice thing is that I know how a travel vochure from Alaska Airlines. So hopefully I can come back here again soon. This time with Levent with the sole purpose of enjoying the area. I would say I can't wait, but I am just glad to be home at this point.