The actual first weekend of Spring

I live for the spring we had this weekend! In Kansas, it feels as if we rarely have a weekend that is in the 70s, not windy (at least not every day), and sunny. This weekend was just that (although it's quite windy right now, but I can deal with that). I'm even "breaking the allergy rules" and living with the windows open right. (I know, I am such a rebel).

When the weather is lovely like this for the first time in the year, it feels like anything is possible. I also had a lot of delicious plans this weekend, which is rare for me. So overall, this weekend has felt like a mini vacation. So much so that in about 2 hours, I am going to be bumming super hard that tomorrow's Monday. Sunday evening blues are such a thing. 

Oh well. 

I kicked off the weekend on Friday evening by going to George's French Bistro for girls' night with Tina and Denise. George's Bistro is such a beautiful place. It barely feels like we're in Wichita, which I know sounds like a slam but I don't mean it such. I am just so happy that Wichita continues to become a culinary delight. 
After my Saturday morning yoga class, I stopped at Stone Creek Nursery on my way home. Almost $100 later, I walked out of there with the entire contents of my garden and patio pots. That afternoon, I (foolishly) just cranked out the whole thing. Yep. I planted everything. From begonias, to spinach, to tomatoes. (I say foolish because that's not ideal for my back. I probably should've broken it up more. Another note, this is my second planting of Spinach. I planted the first right before I went to Seattle and it's starting to come up). I also bought this patio tomato plant that is pretty mature already. If this goes well, this might be the future of my garden adventures. I also talk about doing less every year, and truly I have done less and less. But I should maybe just try and be more creative about how I spend my gardening energy. Oh well. Everything is planted this year. Good luck everyone. 
The nursery in town has pets. This dog is so sweat (and so sleepy)
Patio tomato! 

And finally today. Today was a magical day because I finally got to go to this farm-to-table place in Wichita called HomeGrown that I've been wanting to try forever. Also, I dream of brunch constantly. After 2 previous failed attempts at going there, it finally happened. And it was everything I hoped it would be: cool atmosphere, farm-to-table, brunch that doesn't equal buffet, espresso drinks and eggs Benedict. All these things are what taught me to love brunch in Asheville. And now I have a place in Wichita. I could cry with delight. I also went with my friends Jill and Kate who I love spending time with. Ah. So good. 
We shared this house made pb&j poptart. So good!

Thanks for the mini-vacation, Kansas. It was everything I needed right now.