The best staycation

I've never really given much thought to staycations before last week. I mean really, I am a SINK (Single income, no kids). What would I do on a staycation? Probably just binge watch way too much Netfilx. I should save my vacation time for a real trip.

Yeah, usually this is true. But last week my sister, nephew, parents and eventually my brother-in-law were all in Kansas. They haven't been here in about 3 years; so I was pretty pumped despite the fact that summertime in Kansas isn't the best time of life to be here. But we made the most of it for sure.

It was actually really easy to make the most of it. Hesston now has a new "aquatic center" (which is so Hesston for it to be called that. IRL it's just a community pool which a slide and a kid area). Nevertheless, it has changed my entire summer life. I went a few times before everyone came, but when they were here (and the weather permitted) we went every afternoon. Turns out, I don't really care about the relentless sun and heat here if I can eventually go jump in the pool. We'd come out of the water and the wind would feel cold. IT FELT COLD. It was a miracle. (I know this is a dumb thing to realize but it's been a really long time since I was at an outdoor pool for fun. The few times I had been to the Hesston pool was to lap swim, which makes you really hot even in cool water. So whatever).
Other highlights included going to Piatto Neapolitan Pizzeria with my parents, sister and nephew.
Going to the Johnnyswim concert with Leah
Making kebabs and going to a fireworks show at Kidron-Bethel on the 4th.
Chillin at home
Plus the new gallery wall Mom Dad and Leah helped me create in my living. Not to mention the beautiful new coffee table my master builder father made for me. I feel like my living room has reached a new level of "adult."

Going to Milkfloat twice
Dinner with the Bakers at the Sharp's home.
Saturday morning brunch with Leah, Amy and Sarah (who know lives in Harrisonburg too but was back for a wedding).
We went to the Reverie of course
Introducing Malakai with "Wow in the world" (an NPR podcast for kids, which he really liked and I felt like such a cool aunt for introducing it to him). We would listen to it on the multiple drives to and from Wichita. We also took Malakai to the Exploration Place, which I had very low expectations for but it turned out to be really fun.
Afterwards we got ice cream/coffee treats at Churn and Burn
It was such a nice holiday at home. It really helped to go places I'd never been before. Then it really felt like a new and exciting adventure.

My sister and nephew were here for over a week. They left last Monday and I still feel their absence. Sure my house is small and we were quite packed in but it was a happy sort of chaos and I miss them every day. That's the hardest part about living so far away. But at least I got to spend this time with them this summer in Kansas.

Plus, I get to see everyone next month at the beach. I can't wait. I always want to be on vacation... or staycation.