April Celebrations

So I haven't been blogging very much as of late. Just too busy livin' life I guess. Ha. yeah right. I long for days when I can come home and curl up with my current Agatha Christie pick. (Here's the real reason).

Even though it's that awkward time of the year (spring, but not spring enough to really do anything outside) and I haven't been blogging, it still has managed to be a pretty good month.

1. April is my housemate Jasmine's birthday. So we put together a laid back, surprise birthday party. I know, it's "not cool" to love birthdays as an adult. But I love birthdays, not just my own either. I like having reasons to celebrate. It gives us a good reason to have a party on the 7th of April.

This is a terrible photo, but Annali's face makes me laugh a lot

2. Last weekend was my first experience with the Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale. In the past, I've typically avoided Relief Sales - lots of people, lots of lines, and mostly lots of being forced to face paint kids' faces (that was back when I was in youth group in high school). However, since I work at MCC now, and all of the proceeds from this event go there, I thought I would try and keep an open mind about this one. Honestly, I went for the verenika and to try the other traditional Russian-Mennonite food for which this sale is known. And let me tell you, I was not disappointed. I also tried my first bohne beroggi, which was a-maz-ing. We had no idea what it was and let me tell you, it looks sick. But really it's like this bean filled sweet bread covered in sweet milk. Sounds terrible, right? Wrong. Jill and I are going to try and make these sometime. Can't wait. (Also, disclaimer, I have not tried that recipe I linked. I just wanted you to see what I was talking about).

The beroggi is up in the top right corner, the verenika is in the bottom left

Jasmine, Jill and I waiting in the long line for supper. They literally call it the "feeding of the multitudes" 

3. I got to see my cousin Betha! My extended family is spread out all over the place so we barely get to see one another. But since Betha came out here for a wedding, we got to spend some time with her last Sunday. It was great.

4. Spring is kind of coming, which is cause in it of itself right there to celebrate. It's also a time to switch from drinking hot tea to iced tea. Lately, I've been making North Carolina Sweet Tea, (a recipe given to me from Sandy Miller, who lives in Asheville, so, you know, it's legit). Sure it's terrible for my tea and my health, but, dang, it is tasty.

Carolina Sweet Tea

In a medium pan, boil 3 cups of water. Remove from heat and stir in 1 cup sugar until dissolved. Add 7 tea bags and let steep for 30 minutes.

Remove tea bags and add enough water to make one gallon.

Drink with a southern accent.