Winter Sunday

There is something about Sundays that make me want to pass out into a deep, deep coma.

Why is that?

I even slept in a lot today.

I guess since it is still winter, it's okay to be in hibernation mode, which is great because I cannot seem to get out of it.

It actually snowed this weekend. Really, if it's going to be as cold as it has been, it might as well snow. Bring on that wintery fluff.

I know. I told those little mystery greens that it was not time to come up. But they wouldn't listen. 
All this cold weather makes me want to keep listening to The Lone Bellow's" song from their new album called "Cold as it is." 

This cat is the devil, but she's so cute. 
It's melting already and no one is around to make me "doughnut day doughnuts". Darn it. Being an adult is super hard sometimes. 

Happy napping