The new year post

It's already Jan 22 and I haven't even mentioned the old year passing away and starting a brand new one. Here are my excuses: This time of year is always a little nuts. I travel for Christmas vacation then I travel for work. Then if you add the current Trump regime (yes I mean that), it's amazing I even want to talk about 2017 at all.

But after yesterday, I feel a little bit jazzed and I feel like writing.

Yesterday was the women's march on Washington. I actually had the opportunity to go with my friends to the gathering in Wichita, but because I am a lazy butt who cannot get out of bed. I did not go. But my heart was definitely there. I spent a good chunk of my day following the events all over the world via twitter, Instagram and Facebook. How can I not feel hopeful? I love all these fierce female warriors and their allies.  It was so beautiful. I almost cried.

I borrowed this from my friend's, Amy Sharp, instagram 

And since I am a total nerd, here is a Harry Potter quote (well Hagrid actually. "What's coming will come, and we'll meet it when it does."

Okay 2017, let's do this.

But first, 2016, let me just talk to you for a second.

Usually, this time of year I remember that I actually made goals for this past year. Oops. I seem to post them on this blog and then walk away for 365 days.  Well that's not completely true. I did actually keep these past goals in front of me. For 2016, my goals were

1. My hip will get better and I can get back into my exercise routine.

2. Increase my intake of veggies and fruit.

3. Make more things from my pinterest boards

4. Work to become a mentally healthy person.

5. Make room for creativity.

I think on some level I achieved parts of each one of these goals. And actually my goals for 2017 remain the same (with the addition of one. More on that in just a bit).

Here's the summary

1. My hip/leg: Oh geesh. I spent to so much money on trying to achieve some sort of pain relief. I think I've come to terms that this wish won't really ever be my reality. However, I do feel as if I am learning to manage my leg pain more. I stopped going to the chiropractor,  which ironically helped a lot. I went to the neurosurgeon and he told me to just build up my core muscles. (Cool. He also said it was too hard to tell what exactly was wrong with me). I am back into an exercise routine, although it is not the one I had wished for when I wrote that post back in the early part of 2016. I left the Hesston Wellness Center, a place I had been for 5 years, (which was actually more sad than I thought it was going to be) and joined the brand new YMCA in Newton. I now swim, go to yoga, the occasional barre class and, my new favorite, Pilates. I love being able to go back to classes, especially classes like Pilates that will help me build up my back and core muscles and then, hopefully, will help me manage my pain. I am still trying to get into this new routine, but it feels hopeful.
2. Eat Veggies and Fruit. Always the struggle. Always the goal. I've started eating more roasted broccoli though. So that's something.

3. Make recipes from my pinterest boards: Yes. I've done this. But, probably more importantly,  I've found a way to not let my pinterest boards spike my OCD.  That was the real problem.

4. Work on my mental health. Again, always the struggle. Always the goal. But I did do a couple of pretty helpful things in this year. (Although I have kind of fallen off the wagon right now). I have an anxiety journal. I started using the Headspace app to do some meditation exercises. I read one non-fiction book. (And as a fiction junkie, this feels like a major accomplishment. I want to continue to do all these things, which is always easier to say than actually make time for. But it's worth it.

5. Find space for creativity. This is something I always want to work on. I don't write (minus this blog). But I do paint. And actually I've started going to the Perk (Hesston's coffee shop) a couple times of month to write (mostly blog). But I love this carved out time. I hope I can keep this habit up and then eventually turn my attention to fiction.

I will hold these goals in front of me again this year. However, I will also add one more

So for work, we are doing this thing called "IDI" which I have no idea what it stands for. But ultimately it's a culture competency tool. Organizations use it to help their companies move towards being actually diverse and, well, culturally competent. We took this test and then each of us had a debriefing time with a qualified IDI advisor. Now, part of what we're suppose to do is work individually on our own culture competency. There were lots of ways that were suggested to help individuals accomplish this. What pulled me in naturally was the liberal arts. (Shocking, I know). So things like reading books, watching documentaries, going to cultural arts events, journaling etc. This year, I want to make something like a "syllabus" that will help me with this.  I haven't done this yet, but once I do, I am hoping to talk about it more on this blog.

To sum it up, my 2017 goal is to work on my cultural competency. I don't think I've ever made a goal that has felt so important.

And one of the things that is an easy fit for me with this goal is to read books that aren't written by white people. This is such an easy first step.

Okay 2017. Please don't suck.